1. Scope of Application

    These terms and conditions shall apply to any agreement concluded between the FX GROUP SPRLU and its clients or the customer clients, provided that any specific condition or agreement does not contradict them. Unless explicitly accepted in writing on our part, they shall have precedence over the customer’s general terms and conditions of purchasing.

  1. Commitments

Our employees, sales representatives, agents or intermediaries are not vested with the authority to bind the company in any way. Offers and orders must be confirmed in writing by a director of the company or by a person authorized by FX GROUP SPRLU.

  1. Offers

All our offers are made without any commitment on our part until confirmed in writing. Furthermore, our offers shall be valid for a period of no more than 3 months.

  1. Orders

We accept orders via fax, mail or e-mail. In the case of an order cancellation by a client, he shall owe us high damages of 25% from the cancelled order.

  1. Prices

The prices and information indicated in our price lists are only given as an estimate.

  1. The Delivery And/Or Execution Periods

The delivery and/or execution periods are given only by way of information and are not of a binding nature. Any delay in the delivery or execution may not, under any circumstances, justify the cancellation of the order or lead to any penalties or a claim for compensation. This clause can only be amended by explicitly accepted in writing on both parties. We shall be entitled to make partial deliveries. A partial delivery cannot justify the refusal of payment to any of the goods delivered.

  1. Transfer of ownership and risks

The transfer of ownership of the merchandise delivered shall not take place until the day of reception of the full payment of the complete price of the goods. Should the client fail to pay within the agreed time limit, we are therefore entitled to call upon the goods in return, without further formality and without prior notification. If necessary, the client authorizes us to gain entry into his premises. In the event of the goods, which are, our property being resold, even if they have been processed, the customer hereby assigns to us all the receivables that he acquires from reselling the goods.

  1. Claims

Any claims with regard to the delivered goods must be sent to us by a registered letter within 5 days of receipt with reference to the invoice number or, otherwise, the delivery note. If otherwise, it shall be deemed invalid and non-existent. Any complaint regarding the invoices must be notified by a registered letter within 8 days of receipt. Otherwise, they will be considered as accepted without any reserve. A claim may in no circumstances justify suspension of payment. If the claim is found to be valid, we will then inform the client who shall be entitled to, either exchange the non-compliant material, or will be credited to no more than the net invoice amount without which we are under no obligation to pay for any other damage and interests.

  1. The Terms Of Payment

All rules and regulations shall be made in accordance with the agreements concluded with the buyer and those confirmed by the head office. Any contestation or claim shall not grant the right to the buyer to defer payment of an invoice. Cash payment shall be valid on the day of the delivery. Payment upon receipt will be valid within 10 days after the delivery. As of 1 January 2015, late penalties will be from 10,05%. These penalties will be payable, without a recall being necessary: a registered letter need not be sent to initiate the right to compensation for late penalties.

  1. Resale

The client holds responsible for his own customers.

  1. Confidentiality

Each Party undertakes to treat the information, which is brought to his knowledge b the other, and marked as confidential, as his own, in the strictest confidentiality.

  1. Competence

Any dispute or claim arising out of, or relating to these general conditions shall be within the exclusive competence of the courts (Belgium).

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